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Born on this day, Edgar Degas


Jeannine Hall Gailey

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"Do not be afraid to be weak. Do not be ashamed to be tired. You look good when you’re tired. You look like you could go on forever. Now come into my arms. You are the image of my beauty."


Leonard Cohen
Death of a Lady’s Man

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Mother and Child (Madonna), 1908

Egon Schiele

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"If at the end of a war story you feel uplifted, or if you feel that some small bit of rectitude has been salvaged from the larger waste, then you have been made the victim of a very old and terrible lie."

- Tim O’Brien, The Things They Carried (via nevver)


Photo: Jerome Sessini—Magnum Photos

Malaysia Airlines Ukraine Crash: ‘Unreal’ Scenes from Photographer Jerome Sessini

Late Thursday, a field of sunflowers in eastern Ukraine was transformed into the scene of a tragedy when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was brought down by a surface-to-air missile. Photographer Jerome Sessini was one of the first people to arrive. He wasn’t prepared for what he was saw.


War is not declared any more,
but simply continued. The terrible
is an everyday thing.

—Ingeborg Bachmann, from “Every Day” (translated by Christopher Middleton) in A Book of Women Poets from Antiquity to Now


by elizabeth gross

here your brilliant mouth
here your crimson eye.
here your fire is my dawn, this roof my black sewn sky.

my green mouth and my hands, the scabs
of your absence, the healed-over wound,
granular with memories of the stars beneath your sun.

in the blind corridor between night and
morning, you take my hand. my definitions
are shrunken, split infinitives. everything is possible
and nothing happens. each time i open
my eyes there’s another one in front
of my hearth, naked with need.

i want a heart. i want a hearth. i
want a child with eyes like the sky
and strong hands. i want to break him
of every foul habit and live full of
peace. i want to break him.

give me memory of my mother’s eyes
at sunset and i will give you this
bolt of cloth she wove. the light
failed. her eyes narrowed, tough
and fibrous as the meat of her
heart, dun mud against
the bare and barren rock.

i’ve listened to the snake
for far too long. oh my lord come back to me.

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The Triumph of Death, detail - Pieter Bruegel the Elder

c. 1562
oil on panel
117 cm × 162 cm
Museo del Prado, Madrid

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Being alive

Self portrait of the Artist with C.

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The legend of Iron Mike lives on.

Paratroopers jump onto the Iron Mike drop zone in Sainte-Mère-Église, France. More than 600 U.S., German, Dutch and French service members jumped to honor the paratroopers that jumped into Normandy on D-Day. The event was one of several 70th Anniversary commemorations of D-Day operations conducted by Allied forces during World War II June 5-6, 1944. Over 650 U.S. military personnel have joined troops from several NATO nations to participate in ceremonies to honor the events at the invitation of the French government.

(U.S. Air Force photos by Staff Sgt. Sara Keller, 8 JUN 2014.)

This is not C. However, C can also be a mushroom.